About Lily

As a Producer, Lily works with writers and directors in development to bring their visions to life in production.

Lily is open to receiving feature-length screenplays and collaborating with other producers and production companies.  

Lily maintains the integrity of the story during all stages of production.  Staying calm, cool and collected along the way. 

What are people saying about me?

“I just can’t say enough about Lily. Not only is she creative and passionate about conveying her clients message but she’s also a fast thinker that always seems one step ahead of the rest. There’s never a problem she can’t solve fearlessly with endless confidence and always with grace. It’s a pleasure to get the opportunity to work with this incredibly well rounded individual. ”

Dean Ronalds / Director & Owner of Falling Up Films

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on several film projects with Lily and she has demonstrated repeatedly that she is a dedicated professional and a team player… Her future seems to grow brighter with each passing year.”

Laura Allen / Writer & Director “Little Disappointment”

“There are people who get things done quickly. There are people who get things done well. And then there’s Lily Johnson. She does both. And somehow also manages to make everyone working with her happy to boot!”

Cory Choy / Emmy Award-Winning Sound Mixer

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lily professionally and personally for almost a decade. In addition to hiring and supervising her on many projects, she worked on my staff for a year building a production division within a top creative agency. One of her most outstanding characteristics is her composure and professionalism under the intense pressures of the job – or multiple jobs which was often the case.
In addition to being up for anything I threw at her, she would tackle challenges with relentless grace and optimism. An independent ciritical thinker and problem solver, admirable as well that she was never hesitant to ask a question or seek advise when she felt under water, which admittedly, wasn’t very often as Lily’s potent combination of interpersonal and creative instincts made her adept in navigating uncharted territory.
The ability to step into any situation and consistently “box above her weight” made her an invaluable asset and I would not hesitate to hire her in the future.”

Lee Scharfstein / Owner Ceaseless Creative
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